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BUSINESS LAW For issues that impact the operation of your business Burton & Swett, P.C. offer essential services including: Contracts, the law of Corporations or other Business Organizations, Securities Law, Intellectual Property, Antitrust, Secured Transactions, Commercial Paper, Income Tax, Pensions and Benefits, Trusts, & Estates, Immigration Law, Labor Law, Employment Law and Bankruptcy.

GENERAL CIVIL LITIGATORS In non-criminal Civil Matters, Burton & Swett, P.C. will work for pre-trial procedures including hearings, and post-trial procedures such as costs and enforcement of a judgement.

FAMILY LAW Divorce and separation is a sensitive and complicated situation. But the fact is, many marriages end and transition to other family ties. When you and your spouse make the decision to divorce, it is important to understand the process to protect your interests. Burton & Swett, P.C. will navigate you through a complex and emotional legal system to protect your family and your personal interests.

ESTATE PLANNING & PROBATE Responsible Estate Planning is key to assuring a smooth and organized transition for you and your family avoiding costly legal and tax entanglements.  Burton & Swett, P.C. can set a comprehensive plan including: Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Health Care Directives, Probates and Estate Administration.

WINE LAW & LAND USE From Land Aquisition to State and Federal Beverage Licensing, Burton & Swett, P.C. will provide "soup to nuts" advice and assistance on all aspects of Business Formation, Financing, Environmental issues, Water Rights, Employment/OSHA issues, Taxation and Licensing Agreements to name a few.

PERSONAL INJURY & MALPRACTICE Medical Malpractice is the third leading cause of death according to the Journal of American Medicine.  When a health care institution fails to execute "recognized standard of care",  or is negligent in treatment and diagnosis, Burton & Swett, P.C. will work with diligence to successfully develop and succeed with your case.  Personal Injury and Tort Claims are about establishing liability and damages.  Burton & Swett, P.C. flush out willful negligence, product liability and intentional wrong doing.


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